Toor Campaign continues Listening Tour as candidate registrations close

BRAMPTON, ON – Gurpartap Singh Toor, Candidate for Regional Councillor Wards 9 & 10, made the following statement as the candidate registration period closed today for the upcoming Municipal Elections:

“Candidate registrations have come to a close and the race is on. At least 109 candidates have put their name forward, and many of them are youth from diverse backgrounds. This is a great testament to our democratic process and a reflection of our beautiful city. 

Now that the residents have a clear choice in front of them, I am proud to continue our Vote Toor Listening Tour across Wards 9 & 10, and hear from our residents firsthand what changes they wish to see on their next Brampton and Peel Council. 

I know it takes great commitment and courage to sign up as a candidate. I wish my fellow candidates in the race for Regional Councillor for Wards 9 & 10 the very best and hope to see a healthy but vigorous election campaign.

Every day my team and I are out meeting with residents, knocking on doors as part of my listening tour. We have already hit 15% homes and I hear the same things at almost every door. Residents want change, they want a healthier, safer and happier city. When our residents work hard each day to make a better life for their family, they need their government to work equally hard for them. 

When our City desperately needs change, I could either watch from the sidelines and wish somebody would do better, or I can choose to roll up my sleeves and get the job done. And that is exactly what I did on May 2nd, the very first day the candidate registration  period began, to become the next Regional Councillor for Wards 9 & 10. 

The Toor Commitment is very simple: residents will always have direct access to me as a Regional Councillor. No problem is too small or too big. Residents of Wards 9 & 10 deserve a Regional Councillor that has integrity and compassion and who shows up when they call.”