Help us ensure that ALL voters can cast their ballots fairly

Ontarians will go to the polls on October 24th, 2022 to choose their respective municipal governments. As a resident in Brampton - a city with some of the most diverse slate of candidates, I sympathize with voters’ concerns across suburban and urban wards in the province. 

The election date falls on Diwali, a religious or cultural festival so significant that you see Canada’s Telecommunications companies, banks and grocery chains carve out specific marketing budgets for the occasion. Diwali is observed by Hindus, Sikhs (as Bandi Chor Divas), and many other South Asian cultures. It is probably the biggest holiday in the South Asian calendar. 

Why should this matter to Ontario? In Ontario, we have over 4 million people of South Asian descent. Some of the biggest cities have huge South Asian proportions in their population mix - Brampton (44%); Mississauga (23%); Ajax (21%); Markham (18%); and Toronto (17%).

By putting up barriers to voting, we exclude a huge population of our residents who equally contribute to our municipal coffers and society at large, and who will be equally impacted by the decisions of their municipal government. 

All Ontarians need to care and advocate for a solution because to include diversity in voters means to include diversity in representation of ideas.

Add your name and help us persuade the Premier to change the date of the Municipal Election.

Band aid solutions like additional advance voting dates or “culturally targeted marketing” will not work. It is only fair and equitable that those celebrating Diwali get to vote when everyone else does.

Will you sign?