City building only happens when City Council works

BRAMPTON, ON – Gurpartap Singh Toor, Candidate for Brampton Regional Councillor Wards 9 & 10, made the following statement regarding stalled or lost city projects:

“While people’s cars are being stolen off their driveways, while they’re waiting in hospital hallways for medical attention, while important city projects lay dormant - the Regional Councillor for wards 9 & 10 has been silent.

Gurpreet Dhillon has the highest rate of absenteeism in Brampton City Council with 34 absences. And he’s been a no-show at candidate debates.

Residents are right to be frustrated. There are important projects that have been delayed and many opportunities lost while the circus continues at City Hall.

We have to do better.

The affordability crisis is serious and inflation is making it worse with economists now warning of an upcoming recession. Residents need City hall to work for them, to get the services and development projects passed so they can have a brighter future.

Half-measures are not going to see our city through this tough time. We need real solutions like a full police station in wards 9 and 10, a cost-effective snow clearing system, cutting red tape for projects and ensuring that taxpayer money is not wasted. Instead of throwing money at failed lawsuits, Council needs to be investing in our city and its residents.

I’m offering a real opportunity for accessible and accountable leadership in wards 9 & 10. It’s time to put services over scandals. On Oct 24th vote Toor.”